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#Ownvoices Books About Diverse Women #WHMReadingChallenge

I can’t believe it’s already the last week of March, and therefore the last week of Women’s History Month and the reading challenge! For this week, the prompt is #ownvoices books about diverse women.

I spent some time thinking about how I wanted to do this, and in the end I decided to not just list the top #ownvoices books I have enjoyed, but also some that I hope to read! I love making lists because they help me choose what to read next and how to prioritize all those books on my TBR, so I’m using this as an opportunity to make another one, especially since I feel like I’ve mentioned quite a few of my favorite #ownvoices books before and want to add something new.

My favorite Own Voices books:

The Poet X – The main character, Xiomara, is the daughter of Dominican immigrants, just as Elizabeth Acevedo is.

Children of Blood and Bone – All the characters in this book are black, written by a black author.

Let’s Talk About Love – Alice, the main character, is black as well as biromantic and asexual. At first I wasn’t sure if Claire Kann was also biromantic and asexual, but from what I have been able to find out I believe that she is.

Monstress, Vol 1: Awakening – This is an Asian inspired graphic novel, written by an Asian American author.

The Astonishing Color of After – The main character of this book is a Taiwanese-American girl, written by a Taiwanese-American author.

An Ember in the Ashes – This is a South-Asian #ownvoices book with a Middle Eastern setting.

The Hate You Give and On the Come Up – Starr and Bri are black main characters, written by a black author.

Own Voices books I want to read:

Note: I tried my best to confirm that all of these are indeed own voices and for what, but because I haven’t read these books yet (and some of them haven’t been published yet either) there is still a chance that I made mistakes. If you see something wrong, please let me know and I will correct the information or remove the book.

Kingdom of Souls – This is written by a black author with black characters.

Starfish – The main character and author are both Japanese-Americans with social anxiety.

The City of Brass – Set in the Middle East, this book is #ownvoices for Muslim representation.

The Gilded Wolves and The Tiger at Midnight – Both of these books are written by authors with Indian heritage. One of the main characters in The Gilded Wolves is Indian, and The Tiger at Midnight is inspired by Indian history with Indian characters.

We Hunt the Flame – This book is an Asian author (Arabic, I believe?) #ownvoices representation.

Spin the Dawn and Girls of Paper and Fire – These books feature Chinese characters and are written by Chinese authors.

I think I could have included many more books that I want to read (oops), but I’m going to say that’s all!

3 thoughts on “#Ownvoices Books About Diverse Women #WHMReadingChallenge

  1. Oooh you have so many amazing books on this list, some that I’ve read and lots that I want to read! 😀 I’m super interested in The City of Brass and Starfish – both sound amazing! Thanks so much for joining in with these prompts this month! ❤

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