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#Ownvoices Books About Diverse Women #WHMReadingChallenge

I can't believe it's already the last week of March, and therefore the last week of Women's History Month and the reading challenge! For this week, the prompt is #ownvoices books about diverse women. I spent some time thinking about how I wanted to do this, and in the end I decided to not just… Continue reading #Ownvoices Books About Diverse Women #WHMReadingChallenge

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Female Authors Highlight #WHMReadingChallenge

It's now the third week of the challenge Weird Zeal has created, the Women's History Month Reading Challenge. You can read about it here! For the blogging section, this week's prompt is female authors. I know I'm late, but I wasn't able to write my post the weekend before and writing it on Monday wasn't… Continue reading Female Authors Highlight #WHMReadingChallenge

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Books with Women on the Cover #WHMReadingChallenge

This is the second weekly prompt from Weird Zeal's Women's History Month Reading Challenge here! I looked at my list of read books on Goodreads and chose the covers that I love the most. One by Sarah Crossan This one may seem simple, but it's beautiful! I love how they are paper cut outs, and… Continue reading Books with Women on the Cover #WHMReadingChallenge

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Female Characters That Inspire Me #WHMReadingChallenge

Weird Zeal created a reading challenge for Women's History Month here, which I am participating in! In addition to the reading section of the challenge, she came up with weekly prompts to blog about. For this week's prompt, female characters that inspire me, I am listing five such characters. I know five isn't a whole… Continue reading Female Characters That Inspire Me #WHMReadingChallenge