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5 Books I Would Buy (and save)

My last Bookending Spring post was a variation on one of the topics being hosted, and today I am back with another variation! Again, I altered it because I don't buy books, so choosing five books to save from my house it if were burning down doesn't work. I suppose I could pretend to choose… Continue reading 5 Books I Would Buy (and save)

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5 Benefits of Borrowing Books

Hello, all! Instead of exactly following the Bookending Spring topic for today, I'm switching it up a bit and changing "5 Benefits of Buying Books" to share instead some benefits of borrowing books! The original post, however, is being hosted over at Michelle @ Michelle Likes Things, so still go and check it out! Really,… Continue reading 5 Benefits of Borrowing Books

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A Ramble: Morally Black and White Characters and Plots

I am counting this as one of my posts for Bookending Spring! I do think that a ramble is the best way to describe this post, for today I'm going to be capturing some of the thoughts that have been floating around my head and put them down here. I'm struggling to organize this neatly… Continue reading A Ramble: Morally Black and White Characters and Plots