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I am counting this as one of my posts for Bookending Spring!

I wasn’t tagged by anyone for this, but I decided to do it anyway! I was thinking that I wanted some way to introduce myself a bit as I’ve been blogging for less than two months, so I looked around a bit and thought this looked fun. I would like to link the original creator, but I wasn’t able to trace this back to anyone. Whether it’s still going around or not is also a mystery.

Vital Stats:

Name: Marie. This is actually a pseudonym that I use online, though, so it isn’t my real name!
Nicknames: none
Birthday: August 26th
Star Sign: Virgo
Occupation: Student


Hair Color: It’s dark brown, the kind of brown that some people confuse with black sometimes.

Hair Length: Like… just a little past my shoulders? I’m hoping to grow it out because I like the idea of being able to do fancier stuff with it even though I can’t even french braid.

Eye Color: Dark brown!

Best Feature: Umm, maybe my shoulders. I don’t think any part of me really stands out, but I guess I like that my shoulders are broad and kinda strong looking. I have no idea.

Braces: None, but I used to!

Piercings: Nada

Tattoos: Nope

Right or Left: Right handed! When I was young I always wanted to be ambidextrous, and some days a small part of me wants to attempt to train myself just… because it sounds cool?? I mean, imagine whipping out your pen and starting to write, and then switching hands when one of them gets tired! But I don’t have the patience.


Holiday: The further back my memories go the harder it is to put them in chronological order, so I can’t be totally sure what came first. However, I think I have a pretty early memory of celebrating the Winter Solstice (December 21) which my family celebrates instead of Christmas. I remember having to climb on the couch to put the ornaments at the top!

Best Friend: Call me out for the anti-social person I am XD but I now that I think of it I don’t think I’ve ever used the term best friend? When I was little I did have a group of kids I hung out with, but they all felt equally like my friends and I never made that distinction. Then when I grew older… eh, I haven’t found anyone I click with enough to call them my best friend.

Award: I may… have gotten some sort of recognition for a book related artwork/poster contest entry I made in third grade? But I have no idea if my brain just made this up. Apart from that I don’t think I ever really got awards… though I did get an Honorable Mention last month for a short story competition!

Sport: I started taking dance when I was like… six or seven? That’s the closest I can get to having done a sport.

Concert: I know that when I was young, starting somewhere between five and six, mayhaps, my father took my sister and I to classical concerts. The one I remember most vividly, though, is one where Yo-Yo Ma was playing. Unfortunately, I don’t really remember the music! I just remember that it was outdoors and I (oops) was kind of bored and was trying to read Clementine instead?? Gotta start those book habits early. I think I was around eight.


TV Show(s): Here is where I expose myself as a person who doesn’t watch TV shows! I watch some movies, but I just never got into TV shows?

Color: Blue, of varying shades. I think I like deep midnight blue and pastel blues in particular. I also like gray, and a color I think people would describe as goldenrod. Just not the really yellow goldenrod, more of a golden brown.

Song: This is hard, but recently I’d say Secret Love Song by Little Mix, Prom Queen by Molly Kate Kestner, and Hit the Lights by Selena Gomez & The Scene. At least, these are songs I could put on repeat and not get bored of.

Restaurant: I rarely go to restaurants, so I’m going to make my mother’s cooking into a restaurant and use that as my answer. She cooks well!

Shop: I don’t pay any particular attention to shopping and brands, so I don’t have an answer for this one.

Books: Six of Crows duology, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, The Wicker King, and the Protector of the Small series. Is that too many? I can’t choose just one! I think This Savage Song, which I finished recently, also should make it on this list

Shoes: Eh, I don’t really care much about shoes. Though I do like my black suede ~mid-calf high boots with a buckle on each side.


Feeling: Haha the most honest answer for this would be tired, because I’ve been depriving myself of sleep for the past weeks. I don’t let myself go to bed before midnight, and I wake up half an hour earlier to get reading in. Emotionally… I guess kind of stressed? March was super busy and this week of April has been too

Single or Taken: Single! Not thinking about relationships right now.

Eating: Nothing right now, as I tend to stick to my rule of food away from the computer pretty well. I’m craving chocolate, though!

Who am I kidding, I’m always craving chocolate.

Thinking About: Writing this tag! Okay, but seriously, I’m thinking about all the work I have to catch up on. I need to write up a report of what I have completed lately and it’s making me super aware of all I need to do. I’m also thinking about how I should have already finished a book this month

Watching: Haven’t been watching anything recently.

Wearing: Black pants that are lined for extra warmth, a plain dark purple long-sleeved shirt, and a fuzzy sweater because I’m always cold. Also wearing headphones!


Basically what you can get from this section is that I know nothing about my future.

Want Children: I’m really not sure about this. I do like the idea of having children and am particularly drawn to the idea of adopting because I would love to help a child like that, but then… children are so impressionable that it scares me. I did a beginner course on child psychology lately, and it’s really eye opening how large of an impact your childhood can have.

Want to be Married: M…maybe? I’m not at the point where I feel very confident in the long lasting happy marriage, but the romantic part of me wants to find my True Love someday.

Careers in Mind: I have no idea! Something to do with technology and computers, maybe? Or medicine? Or psychology? Or even writing, even though I doubt that will happen? I also like the idea of being a teacher.

Where You Want to Live: I’m not knowledgeable enough about different places to answer this! I don’t think I’d like being stuck in a small apartment, though, or in a really noisy part of the city.

Do You Believe In:

God: Currently, no. This may change in the future or it may not, I’m still not really sure.

Miracles: Not… really.

Love at First Sight: I’m sorry but no

Ghosts: Nope!

Aliens: Yeah, I think there must be some other intelligent life out there. Not the green beeping aliens, but some kind.

Soul Mates: I guess I do believe in this, though I think of it as a very rare thing.

Heaven: I can’t even handle this life, I don’t have the capacity to think about anything after, honestly

Hell: See above.

Kissing on the First Date: I think it really depends? I, personally, don’t think of myself as someone to do this because I’m very cautious. However, there are probably exceptions? Like if I’ve known someone for a while before going on a date with them, I might.

Yourself: Hahahahaha um… I guess it depends on the day. Mostly I have trouble believing in myself.

I hope this wasn’t too boring to read and that maybe you learned something new about me! I’m not going to tag anyone as I myself wasn’t tagged, but feel free to do this if you would like to.


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