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5 Books I Would Buy (and save)

My last Bookending Spring post was a variation on one of the topics being hosted, and today I am back with another variation! Again, I altered it because I don’t buy books, so choosing five books to save from my house it if were burning down doesn’t work. I suppose I could pretend to choose from my Read list on Goodreads, but I decided to do it this way instead!

Still, go ahead and check out Michelle @ Michelle Likes Thing’s post!

I’m sharing with you five books I would love to buy (and therefore would save from a fire if I had them).

Six of Crows and Crooked Kindom

Since I began blogging, I think these books have come up in my posts a few times, so this shouldn’t be a surprise! I just love these books, okay? I would love to buy these so I can read them over and over again.

This Savage Song

I haven’t gotten around to reading Our Dark Duet as I only recently finished This Savage Song, but I’m already in love. Once I read the sequel I’m pretty sure I’ll be rereading the duology at some point, so owning these books would be great.

The Wicker King

This book wasn’t an easy read, but there’s something about it that really drew me in and I love these boys.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

This is the last book I would like to buy!

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