Wrap Ups

April 2019 Wrap Up

I live! I feel like it’s been ages since I last posted, but I looked and actually my last post was on the 24th of April. Still, towards the end of the month even before I took a brief break from posting I could feel myself struggling to keep up—and consequently I wasn’t able to finish participating in Bookending Spring.

I guess my life did get busier, but I did still manage to read 12 books. Which to me is really good, especially considering none of these are manga or novellas. Maybe I read more books because I wasn’t spending that time blogging?

Here are the books I read:

My reading experience this month was pretty good! I would have liked one or two more four/five stars, but I did already get a few. However, I unfortunately didn’t enjoy Opposite of Always as much as I hoped, and that was my least favorite book this month. My review for it is posted here, if you haven’t read it!

I’ll be making my OTMs post soon, but again I have decided not to share a TBR. My posts may come a bit more irregularly as I try to get back into it while juggling real life, but I’m definitely not giving up! In fact, I got my first two ARCs on Edelweiss approved! Not sharing what they are yet, but I’m excited~

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