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Here’s another Bookending Spring post, and today I am following Clo @ BookDragon’s topic: Blog’s Life. Where did I begin my blogging journey, where am I right now, and where do I hope to go? You can find her post for this topic here, so be sure to check it out!

I wasn’t sure at first if I should do this, considering I’ve only had this blog for a little over two months! But then I thought… why not? It’s good to do some reflection.

The Past, aka Two Months Ago

Two months is both a long time and a short time. For one, I’m a bit surprised I actually made it this far? I had all intentions of being serious about blogging, but still, I didn’t know if it would turn out to be something I enjoyed. I jumped in pretty quickly, considering I hadn’t even been looking at book blogs for much time before deciding to start my own. It was just like… I found out about the book blogging community, and it looked like what I had been needing and I couldn’t wait.

I spent a bit of time looking at blog hosting options (basically WordPress vs Blogger) and decided on WordPress! That was pretty much all the research I did before creating. I knew that most book blogs had reviews, but then bit by bit I learned about memes, ARCs, book twitter, blog tours, and all that fun stuff!

A shout out to any blogger who has written a how-to post for anything related to book blogging, planning, twitter, getting ARCs, etc, because since I began I have looked at a lot of those! I love all you helpful people <3.

The Present

Right now, I know I having a lot of growing to do—which is fine by me! It can be daunting sometimes to think of all I still don’t know and all I still need to do, but it’s also really exciting. I think I have yet to properly establish my own… voice? Is that the right word? I have yet to establish my own voice or style. I have mostly been posting reviews and a couple of memes (First Impression Friday and occasionally Top Ten Tuesday), but now with an occasional post of what I’d call an opinion or just book talk posts.

Though, as I already said, I still have much to learn, I already feel like I’ve been introduced to so much. So many people with different opinions and posts about stuff I never thought about before!

The Future

I don’t have any huge goals or plans for the future, but there are definitely improvements I want to make.

For one, I need to get better at writing posts further ahead in time and scheduling them. Instead of, y’know, writing them in the morning and scheduling them for later that day, or even writing them right before they should go up. While I’m slowly getting better at writing reviews in advance since I like to write them soon after I’m done reading, other posts are another story. I think doing this would help alleviate some stress, too.

I also want to be more active in the community and build some connections! While I say a few things occasionally, mostly I only stalk and observe. Twitter is quite daunting for me right now, but I hope to get a handle on that soon.

As I mentioned above, I have yet to establish my own voice/style, so I hope to do that too! I have a few ideas for posts to write in the future. It’s a bit scary for me because while I have opinions and want to share them, in my real life I don’t talk to people about them and I’m not usually outspoken.

Alright, I guess that’s it! There are a few more things I could mention, but those are small and I didn’t want to drag this out too long!

One thought on “My Blog’s Life

  1. Awh self reflection is always good to do, even if you’ve only been blogging for 2 months, there’s still things you can look back on! Establishing a voice/style comes with time, just keep writing posts and it’ll happen without you even noticing. I already had a voice/style due to me having been writing since I was 11 and I’d developed a voice through that. Which in turn translates into my blog posts now, I always love reading guide/blogging 101 type posts. No matter how long you’ve been blogging for, there’s always something new to be learned!

    If you’re scheduling in the morning for later on that day, you’ve already made a HUGE start in my books, you’ll get better at it with time I’m sure! Thanks so much for doing one of my prompts, and taking part in the event! ❤


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